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Criminal Lawyers in Hamilton

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. We understand.

Having extensive experience in the local court system our skilled team is dedicated to being with you through the entire process.

It is important to have the right defense lawyer on your side. Our legal experts put your well being first. We work hard to get you the best results.

Our skilled lawyers have experience in many areas of the legal system including bail hearings, sexual assault, DUI, weapons, assault and drug cases.

When you need the best defense team in Hamilton, call Jag Virk.

We offer:
  • Free initial meeting
  • Payment plans for all budgets
  • Flexible hours
  • Extensive experience in Hamilton courts
  • Phone line open 24 hours, every day of the week.
Make the Right Choice

Expert Hamilton Trial Lawyer

There is no shortage of lawyers that promise results. At Jag Virk our promises are backed by our reputation. We are known as one of the top firms in the Hamilton area.

We have success getting the best outcome for our clients.

Jag and his team are well known in the Hamilton courts and we are able to guide our clients effectively through the system.

No matter what criminal charges you face or at what stage your case is at; bail hearing, trial, appeal, 524 applications or judicial pretrial, we will build your best defense.

Our lawyers have a proven capability to get the best outcome for our clients. We have been successful at getting charges withdrawn through diversion or alternative measures programs.

Criminal cases can be complicated, but our skilled lawyers have the expertise to get you the best results.

No matter what charges you face you best chance is a solid defense.

Jay Virk is one of Hamilton’s top criminal defense lawyers. We know what it takes to get results for our clients.

Let us help you.

We are committed to your case through the full process. Our lawyers will keep you informed and up-to-date, so you never feel in the dark about your situation.

Call us today for a free initial consultation and see why we are one of the top defense firms in the Hamilton area.


Reasonable Payment Plans

We believe that financial concerns should never get in the way of having top representation when you face criminal charges. That is why we have flat rate fee transparency. This gives you the option of seeing where your money is spent.

We are also willing to develop an individualized payment plan, if you need one.

Don’t let money be the deciding factor when your life, your future and your freedom are at stake.


Appointment Flexibility

At Jay Virk we know your busy life doesn’t come to a stop just because you face criminal charges.

This is why our team is committed to offering flexible appointment times.

This allows you access to Hamilton’s top legal team on your time. To better meet your schedule, we offer evening and weekend appointments to cater to your needs.

Let us be there for you when you need us.

Best Results

With years of experience in the Hamilton court system, our lawyers have a proven record of success in criminal defense.

We are committed to getting you the best results.

I have extensive trial experience, giving you the confidence of having a proficient and knowledgeable team on your side.

When your freedom and future are at risk, put your trust in a law firm with a reputation for results.

Considerate Criminal Lawyer

We understand facing criminal charges can be a stressful time. We have walked with many clients through the Hamilton court system and we know how difficult it can seem. But with a solid defense on your side it doesn’t have to worry you.

By attempting to face these changes on your own you could negatively impact your case. The same can be said if you choose a less-than-qualified lawyer.

Don’t risk your future. Call us and put one of Hamilton’s top defense teams to work for you.

Criminal cases can be time consuming and complex. Don’t put off your future. Get the best team on your side today.

Contact us now.

Our lines are open 24 hours, every day of the week.


3 Locations To Serve You Better

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Family Lawyer Brampton

Family Lawyer Toronto

Recent Posts

Exactly Why to Choose jag virk criminal lawyers?

At jag virk criminal lawyers we honestly look at being a criminal lawyer incredibly seriously. We all understand that undeniably any time consumers are shopping for a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online they desire the top. Unendingly we do attempt to really be the greatest criminal lawyer we all can be within Ontario. It's our devotion to absolutely being the standout that has generated us all this significant admiration here with our clientele.

Being a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online we all likewise definitely strive to spend time to respond to every customers inquiries with diligence and devoid of delay. We all without fail make an effort. We feel that it's extremely critical to ensure that clientele feel really understood and also cared for.

Now there really are not a lot of criminal lawyer which have the exact skill set plus know how to brand their business as being leader within their business. Merge that together with our increased level of buyer assistance and truly we feel we absolutely are the best special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online inside Ontario.

Looking to learn how to start?

Everything gets underway with a call.

Call 416 619 0437.

We are thrilled to discuss all your current criminal lawyer inquiries thoroughly on the telephone or by way of email if that works more effectively for your needs. Next we'll propose the answer which idealy works with your present goals. Hear just why people now refer to us as the very best special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online!

Still Require Prodding? All the Reasons Why jag virk criminal lawyers is certainly A Criminal Lawyer In Hamilton

Commitment to Elite Quality - A Hamilton Based Criminal Lawyer and A Lawyer In Hamilton

Our loyalty to quality is exceptionally significant. When you're trying to be a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online or a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, there's really no other path but to do your level best possible in order to excel. Whenever a specific consumer requires extra care, all of us supply that valued buyer extra effort. Nearly anything to be able to be sure they are thrilled with all of us as a criminal lawyer. Realize, we do service pretty much all of Ontario, therefore feel free to get in touch.

Commitment - A Hamilton Based Lawyer and An Assault Lawyer In Hamilton

Our own consumers have defined our business as a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online and even the top Ontario based criminal lawyer there could be! Honestly this would not come about unless there is extremely diligent labor plus commitment to your clients plus the quality of your end result. If you are looking for a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, we honestly feel we're really the ideal choice. Phone jag virk criminal lawyers to speak about what you need immediately! 416 619 0437.

Expertise - A Hamilton Based Assault Lawyer and A DUI Lawyer In Hamilton

With most any marketplace, knowledge is a big factor with regards to end results. If you're requiring a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, this point is definitely all the more accurate. With being a criminal lawyer, we will definitely convey to anyone undeniably how the ultimate result is categorically driven through the knowledge of the corporation that you have been employing. The very large volume of practical knowledge that jag virk criminal lawyers has got as a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, is actually why an individual have to believe in us all with your requirements. If perhaps you're searching for a special criminal lawyer in Hamilton online, think about jag virk criminal lawyers. Certainly talk to us without delay.

Reach out Immediately to Get a No Charge Consultation!

We hate to be get underpriced. Now don't pay more merely because you neglected to talk with us. Thinking you were quoted an amazing value presently? Why don't you be absolutely utterly assured? Talk with us. You may just find that we are indeed the better choice. Numerous people have already.

Selecting the best criminal lawyer to hire is a challenging decision. Make the best plan. You can chat with us with actually zero commitment to recognise on your own if we are truly the perfect criminal lawyer for you.

Call Now!

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