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Defend yourself against Drug Charges

The Hamilton courts take drug charges very seriously.

In Canada there are different charges that an individual may face depending on the unique circumstances surrounding their case. Thus, someone caught with marijuana could still face the same charges as a person found with heroin or cocaine.

These charges include:

  • Drug Trafficking: a charge the Crown will use if an individual was delivering the substance to another person.
  • Drug Possession: the most basic charge laid if you are found to have a drug in your possession.
  • Possession for the purpose of Trafficking: this is a combination of the other two charges and will apply if the Crown believes an individual was in possession of an illegal substance that they were going to give to someone else. However, this charge can only stand if there is proof that the defendant sold or attempted to sell the drug.
  • Drug Cultivation: this charge is most commonly applied to marijuana grow op scenarios.
  • Illegal substances and the penalties for each of the crimes have been categorized by Canadian law. They are outlined in Schedules I, II, III and IV.

Drug charges can cost you socially and financially. They can even lead to jail time.

At Jag Virk we understand that each situation is unique. Our talented lawyers have experience representing clients facing these types of charges. We are committed to developing a strong defense and will be with you through the entire process.

Our Hamilton legal experts have successfully obtained withdrawal of charges, reduced sentences and fair plea bargains for clients.

If you are facing a drug charge, you’ll want the best defense possible.

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