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Women make up half the voting population...

Ryan is a Catholic, so you would think that would help with Catholics, except for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops who very publicly criticized the Representative for his Budget which basically throws the poor and lower class people of this country under the proverbial bus. Back to his budget, Ryan also cuts in to the older voter pool. Ryan's plan to end Medicare (one of the most liked Government programs) and turn it into a voucher system will not help Romney in the senior crowd.

Women, believe it or not, make up half of the voting population. I say believe it or not simply for the lack of representation we see sometimes. So in the recent WSJ poll that had Obama leading among women voters 54% 39%. Among women centered issues, Ryan is on the far right of conservatism. He cosponsored a "personhood" bill that came up in the House this past session. He has voted in the past to defund Planned Parenthood, and against contraception matters that come up in the house. He even voted against funding the FDA to test and make sure a OTC morning after pill is safe.

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Recapping now, Ryan so far has not won or will not win Romney any points with: women, racial minorities, lower class voters, seniors, the GLBT community, and those who prefer details from their presidential candidates. When I first heard the Romney had chosen Paul Ryan, my immediate thought was that Romney had just admitted defeat and the GOP chose Ryan for him to basically advertise their budget. Then Romney stole that theory away from me and said he wasn't even going to run on Ryan's budget, party pooper. So now I'm at a loss as to why he chose Ryan. The other three favorites were: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (also former rival in the GOP primary), Tea Party Idol winner Marco Rubio (Cuban Senator from Florida), and previous favorite for the position Ohio Senator Rob Portman (no relation to Natalie).

Over the weekend, Romney's choice was being called a wild card choice for the usual "play-it-safe" candidate. I thought that was only true in the sense that Ryan is a rather polarizing figure. And if the initial pol numbers out today are any tell that seems to be the case. Ryan scored the lowest initial VP reaction score since Dan Quayle in '88. Even Palin had higher initial numbers. (Poll)

The field has been set and for the time being, both sides seem to think that Romney picking Ryan was the best thing ever. Once Ryan gets scrutinized under a national spot light we will begin to see which way it will go. As of right now it seems that Ryan at best will just be a boost for the GOP base vote that Romney already had pretty much in the bag.

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