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A woman hurt on the Coca-Cola slide at the San Francisco Giant's AT&T ballpark is suing the baseball team and Coca-Cola, stating that the ride is dangerous and defective. In 2002, the woman and her husband we're attending a World Series Game when she went on the slide to avoid crowded staircases. She sustained severe leg and foot injuries as a result. The victims lawyers allege that the slide has not been properly inspected and that numerous other injuries have occurred there. They are suing for over $2 million in damages and medical expenses. Have you or someone close to you been injured at a ball or amusement park? You may be entitled to compensation for you suffering.

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The eight-year old Coca-Cola slide at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, is made up of multiple slides. The woman in this lawsuit was hurt on The Guzzlers section, which is comprised of two large slides. The slide in question contains 4 sharp turns, and according to her lawyers, it has never been inspected per state regulations. The injured woman has a limp resulting from her slide accident and requires further surgeries on her foot and leg. The victim's lawyers state that the slide is dangerous for adults, and they claim that other injuries including broken knees and broken legs.

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