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I was reading James Jewell's blog posting...

I was reading James Jewell's blog posting and a James T posted this link to the Winnipeg Sun. It was about the latest murder of a 16 year old boy. 16 years old crazy

I read the comments people left on the link (Tamara King reporter) James T gave, in fact i read all 300 of them

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I am almost speechless right now. Seeing the MANY, MANY comments of I could care less that a 16 year old is dead, bothers me, a lot. Of course they all hide behind anonymous names. Whenever I make a comment on a news story, I use my real name and photo. So that says something about themselves.

I read all the comments how it's the parents' fault, that they didn't care, that they we're lazy etc. (As if even one of them knew the parents, and btw, the parents both work full-time) and I read the incredible racist comments following, and then, when criticized, defended their racist comments even more so.

With attitudes like this, this city is done for. (probably an over-statement as I hope these people are few) However, all I saw was racism and blame. I did not see one solution offered to help this situation, other than gang members should continue to kill each other. NOT ONE. I guess that is all these a**holes are capable of.

But these two articles sent me on a mission, and I found Paris Bruces page on FaceBook, and followed the literally hundreds of photos (some on his, but linked to many more), 95% of which we're flashing MOB gang signs. I looked at these pictures, and pondered, how many of these little boys will be murdered or murder another. Who will be killed in retaliation for the murder of Paris? The difference was, I was asking the question, not celebrating the fact they they we're killing themselves. I just thought how sad is it that the many, many FaceBook pages only had gang photos. There wasn't any pictures that showed them swimming, or playing sports or those "normal" things. All I saw we're gang signs, pictures of them being high, drunk, sleeping on the ground passed out etc. But even more disturbing we're the associated comments " I was so f**ked up, I don't even 'member this pic!", " Yeah bro, u look gud passed out", "MOB forever!", and many more. It saddened me that this was their life, their TOTAL life. That this was their "normal".

What is the solution?

That's a huge question. I certainly do not have all the answers, but I know it isn't in blaming the parents and the little kids themselves. Why are we building bigger jails and sentencing more young people to jail? Does anyone really believe that this will stop gangs? Do you know that gang members are placed in gang units while in jail? Do you really think that after spending time with your "bros" that as soon as you get released, you'll change your life and become a Walmart greeter? Well if you do, have a coffee with me sometime, and after you hear my stories about the youth I deal with, you will (hopefully) change your minds. We will never arrest ourselves out of this situation.

What do we need to do? SPEND LOTS MORE MONEY on prevention! Its as simple as that. We spend $113,974 on every incarcerated person PER YEAR! How does this make sense? Don't forget, this doesn't include how much we spend on policing and the courts. If the government invested three times they do now in prevention, will it STOP gangs? NO, of course not. SOME people are simply criminals, that's it. But when I look at these FaceBook pictures, I see lots of these little boys that CAN be helped to make better choices.

That is the solution.


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