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Reverse Migration: Starting the process

Reverse migration is the name given to people born in the UK to a particular diaspora who decided to go and live in the country of their heritage. I have heard quite a few stories about friends of friends who have moved back to an island usually Jamaica and who have made a great life for themselves out there.

In the book Coming Home there is one story of a man who lived in the UK and moved back to Dominica. I like reading these stories although I appreciate now that not everyone's experience will be the same. I may be from England but I have "people" in Dominica. My nephews are all big grown men in the late 20s and early 30s who will help me get settled and hopefully help me avoid any self imposed taxes that go on in Dominica.

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During my stay I met a guy called Rosie who picked me up from the airport. We got on instantly and he helped me with some essentials that I forgotten like

  • a mobile phone (buy one because it's the only way to stay in touch)
  • an umbrella (it was rainy season after all)
  • a torch (no street lights so everything is completely black at night)

He told me about the "taxes" that people have to pay like

  • the not knowing tax a tax you pay because you don't know where you are going and a cab driver will take you all over the place to get to your destination and then charge you for it.
  • language tax not being understood you will be charged extra without even knowing it
  • people tax as long as you are not a local there is an opportunity for someone to charge you more

I guess that isn't exclusive to Dominica. I am sure in most of the developing countries if people find an opportunity to charge more to foreigners they will take it. Probably happens in England too although at least if people are reported they will get into trouble.

So how did I start the process? I opened a deposit account with the credit union in Pointe Michel. I had to convince them I could open one because it seemed none of the staff knew they could and didn't want to but with some persistence and a visit from my sister who is local they finally agreed.

Now I have my account and can go to the post office in Harlesden to send money via moneygram to my account each month so that when I am next in Dominica I know my spending money is already there. Plus I can't go and take it and spend it on anything else because I have to be in DA to use it! Helps me make that commitment to return at the very least.

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