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San Leandro, CA has more than 80,000 residents, all of whom can appreciate it's temperate weather and moderate growth. That's why so many San Leandro natives have chosen to stay in the Alameda County town. The result is a large and increasing elderly population. Many of those who came to San Leandro in the 50's are growing old here too, and seniors are often the victim of various forms of elder abuse. Additionally, a slip or fall for an elderly person can have severe and devastating consequences.

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Elder abuse is a disturbing and growing trend, especially as the number of senior citizens increases in most Bay Area regions. In areas such as San Leandro, where a large senior population resides, elders can be targeted by people looking to take advantage of them. Check out our recent blog about a travel agent who was targeting seniors' savings. Elder abuse has numerous forms including physical, emotional, financial mistreatment. Receiving poor or neglectful care at a home or nursing facility can constitute elder abuse, where neglectful situations can lead to severe injury or death.

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