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Before 1997 the riding had been held by...

Before 1997 the riding had been held by NDP's Ian Waddell for 3 consecutive terms. In 1997, Sophia Leung was parachuted in for the Liberal. Leung was not a local. And though she had been a social worker for decades, she wasn't well known in the Chinese community (unlike Mason Loh).

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She wasn't even empathized with the life of the grassroot people who live along Kingsway. I recall a reporter once asked her if she knew how much bus fare was, her answer was totally out of touch of reality. However, she was the first Chinese candidate nominated by the ruling party in the Vancouver area (we tend to think Chinese Canadians like the Liberal party because of it's values, and that newly naturalized citizens tend to vote for the ruling party, what I observe from the very nature of the Chinese culture is that Chinese people like the Liberal JUST because they are the ruling party a very pragmatic view of politics. In terms of values, I'd believe the Chinese are closer to the Conservatives.) Her ethnicity immediately attracted many Chinese voters.

Leung won by almost 4000 votes, winning an impressive margin of 33%. That's not bad at all for a rookie. The ethnic element was obvious. In the 1997 election, 6 out of the 10 candidates running in the riding we're Chinese.. that's a record of so many Chinese candidates within one riding ever and elsewhere.

When David Emerson was parachuted in 2004, people once worried that Emerson may not be well known among the Chinese voters, though he was a 'star candidate' and was notorious among non-immigrant voters. However, Emerson's smart campaign on portraiting himself as the 'Chinese's son-in-law' (his wife is Chinese), has quickly gained him popularity among Chinese voters.

In yesterday's nomination, 90% of the voters are Asian, among them a great majority are Chinese.

During the 2004 election, this was what I heard many times about the unpopular Raymond Chan: 'yeah, he didn't do well, but it's always better to have a Chinese MP in Ottawa.'

In short, we DO block vote.

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