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Protect Yourself Against Weapons Charges

Weapons charges have become very serious matters in the Hamilton court system. There has been a rise in weapons crime as well as the concern over such crimes. This is directly related to incidents of violence and terrorism on police and civilians in Canada.

The Crown draws upon the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act when laying weapons charges on an individual.

Because of the broad definition in these pieces of legislation, a weapon can be almost any item that is used in a threatening manner. This has even come to include common, household items like dishes or brooms. The key is not the type of item used but rather the intent of the threat.

Moreover, there is no expectation that these incidents need to occur in a public place. Law officials have the freedom to respond to weapons crimes in private homes and facilities.

Canadian laws further define the type of firearm charge based on the size of the gun or through a list of restricted items in the legislation.

Regardless of the situation, a weapons charge can lead to jail time. It can also damage your reputation and leave you with a criminal record. This can cause you to lose employment opportunities and restrict your freedom to travel.

Our skilled lawyers understand the complexity of weapons charges. They also understand facing such charges can be overwhelming. We are committed to your defense.

Let us help you regain your freedom, your reputation, your life.

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